Wednesday, April 23, 2014

An Absolutely GREAT Day!

Megan (almost 11) and Carter (almost 9) joined me today for one of my most enjoyable days of miniatures!

I had one setting from Dollarama in my stash and Joanne, bless her heart, gave me another for the children to work with:

 We started about 9:30 and they each made the "Our Trip to Paris" book.

Then we started the scissors.

Had two wonderful floral display kits by Connie Stitt in my stash from (mumblemumble) years ago that they put together.

Carter's arrangement

Megan's arrangement

Megan's arrangement on the table
 When those were finished, they finished the scissors then they made the occasional tables from the pizza props.  Then they put paper doilies on the pizza prop tables and added the floral arrangements.

Before we stopped to go to lunch upstairs at Jeanne's, they stained the Dollarama chairs, added fun foam cushions to those, and Carter started staining a Michael's hutch/bookcase. I started making a kitchen table for Megan, she stained the pieces and I started gluing everything together...

then we went up to Jeanne and Orest's for a wonderful lunch break of homemade borscht and/or chicken barley soup and buns, cheese, ham, fish and sausage. Dessert was matrimonial cake and the most incredible lemon squares!

After lunch, Carter filled his hutch with books from Dick Tabor. Megan made cupcakes from wood plugs covered with puff paint and decorated with teensy fingernail art. Both of them punched cookies from fun foam, iced them with puff paint and decorated them with fingernail art.  (They were pleased to learn the trick of licking the end of a piece of spaghetti to pick up and place the tiny pieces of  fingernail art on the 'icing'. We also took one of the Dick Tabor books and added a new cover "Megan's Recipes".

Carter had a "dinosaur" cookie jar that was in one of my "Amazing Deals" from Liz! He enjoyed filling it with foam cookies iced with puff paint.

Megan mixed spackle and dark brown paint for a chocolate cookie batter in a bowl; stuck the end of a tooled toothpick in for the end of a wooden spoon; made a cookie bake sheet from a piece of aluminum pan; put the unbaked 'cookies' on it. (The pie is also from Liz.)

Megan made a stove from so she could bake all of her cookies...

YEESH! I cannot get this picture turned!

Carter had some great ideas here: He wanted the small TV on the middle shelf (had that in my stash); we worked together on the TV remote control but the I-Pod to the left of the TV was totally his idea and work! 

We acknowledged their Baba (great-grandmother) who passed away on April 5 at the age of 96 with her picture in the scene.

Such an INCREDIBLE day thanks to Megan and Carter. I'm SO much looking forward to spending the day with them again sometime in the summer!

We're already planning our next day together during the summer holidays.

Such a wonderful day -

I am truly blessed:
At the end of the day, Carter and Megan brought me this beautiful bouquet of flowers! It's in the Pinwheel crystal vase that my parents gave me on my 40th birthday.


  1. what cute little mini scenes, it sounds like you guys had a wonderful day :)

  2. Hi Maureen! How wonderful that you were able to make some new memories with Megan and Carter and honoring their memory of their "Baba" too. Both of the " Trip to Paris" books will be Good Times and Good fun that I am sure that they will always remember.
    And you will too! :D