Friday, April 18, 2014

A very quick T2T modern occasional/end table

I just could NOT leave those pizza props sitting on the table! LOL

The very shape lent itself to chrome (or brass) legs and table edge. Of course, a table like that would probably have a glass top but I thought a glossy black top would also work.

Just experimenting here so the work is a bit rough....

First, the word PIZZA is lightly embossed on the top so I sanded it down with an emery board. That would also help the colour to stick to it.

BUT the black nail polish that I had planned on using had thickened to the point where it was useless. I quickly wiped off  that first brush stroke then painted the top with black permanent marker. (I'd probably let it dry for awhile, recoat it and maybe give it a coat of gloss varnish.)

Then I painted the legs and the edge of the top with my Billie silver nail polish from Dollarama.

I did give the top another coat of marker before I took this picture.
Not a bad little occasional/end table for a few minutes work.


  1. I told you so!! You get ideas everywhere and about everything!!
    Great job, didn`t think about using permanent marker and you even told me before.... I remember now. Great idea !!
    Here in Denmark,aat least in "our" local Pizza Shop, they use cardboard for those "pizza Props". Next time, please save a couple for me!!

    1. Couple put aside already.
      Hugs, Maureen

  2. what a great idea, thank you for sharing this wonderful tip :)


  3. Thanks Marisa. Always great to hear from you.I LOVE this one!