Friday, March 7, 2014

Networking..........AND the solution!

One of the wonderful things about having friends (either in RL or on the internet) who know and love miniatures is their ability to see things through different eyes.

When I blogged about almost finishing the left hand window, I also sent the picture to Joanne and Barb. Then I called Barb (who lives upstairs) and told her to check her email. Shortly thereafter, there was a knock on my door - she had come to see it in person.

After we admired the left hand side,

we discussed the right hand side.

Barb follows my blog (bless her heart) plus we discuss what we're doing miniature-wise on our morning walks. And she agreed that there had to be a Christmas tree somewhere in the shop!

So we're looking at this area and she asks if I "had" to have the cupboard on the left in the shelf. It's a nice little piece and very Christmassy :

But it's plastic and has no sentimental value - think I probably picked it up on a clearance table at one of our Show and Sales. So it can go!

We take the afghan on the quilt rack out of the equation for now.

So Barb suggested that with those two pieces out of the way, the Christmas tree made by Bev P-M would now fit. And she was right!

So we decided that it should go by the mirror so it's visible in the round.

Then we looked through my stash for tables to put it on:

The table on the left would be good but as it has a working drawer, I'd just at soon keep it for a different room. The one on the right is too tall and too big in diametre.

Then I spotted this canister that Karen B. gave me when she and Al were here for the Edmonton Show and Sale. Thought it might work with a tablecloth.

THEN, Oh, my, Barb spotted this base from something oriental tucked away on a shelf. I thought at first that it was too low. I would have liked it to be a bit taller but once I tried it in place, this was what I wanted to use.

I cut away the beautiful base that Bev had originally made for the tree and placed it on the the new base.

Painted the base burgundy to match the ornaments.

And here it is!
Barb had a few other suggestions that will come together later. Still have that wonderful afghan that was on the quilt stand to deal the great cushions that Barb gave me for Christmas.

This section is going to come together so beautifully!

I love the afghan  (from Bonnie's estate sale - not Judy Mitchell's work as I had originally thought) and those very
special cushions done by Barb R. Her first work as a miniaturist

But before I can complete it, I have to finish shortening the chains on both the stained glass pieces and making them fit right.

So that will happen tomorrow morning...


  1. Wonderful projects! Love the tree!

  2. Thanks Diane. Absolutely love the tree! It and the decorated table were both done by Bev Potter-Marien who is a member of our club. I was the lucky recipient of these two pieces at our Christmas gift exchange two years in a row.