Monday, March 17, 2014

My purchases

I WILL get back to the final pictures of the Christmas shop but for now I want to show you my wonderful purchases from the incredible January sales from  Liz at Grandpa's Dollhouse

Absolutely love these four 5" x 7" shadow boxes in green, pink, cream and white:

YES!! Won one of the special deals!
"stone" bench, Chrysnton kit,
bird, wonderful dinosaur cookie jar, vase, Dustbuster, Tacos and salsa,
calla lilies, bowl, vase, pie
 The 'stone' bench will be aged and go in the Secret Garden.  Chrysnbon goes anywhere...
Beautiful vase that will go almost anywhere...
My other purchases:
Top: I bought two wall sconces and two lovely table lamps:
Bottom: I bought these small LED lights to (hopefully) finish the Music Room and the Attic)
Not too sure exactly where these pieces will go:

Corner sink - think it might go in the "Lady's Bedroom". Beautiful Reutter glasses - will see...

The dollhouse kit boxes will end up somewhere. All the vegetables will go in the fridge.
I didn't really need the wrenches but they are so incredibly lifelike that I actually tried to adjust them!!!


  1. So glad you had fun, Maureen and are enjoying your purchases. Thinking about doing a one week long sale in the summer........same idea. What do you think? :-)

  2. Sounds great to me Liz - as long as I'm home when you do it! VBG
    Hugs, Maureen