Sunday, March 16, 2014

A very busy day...

FIRST OF ALL, Thank you to Robert for installing my wi-fi today! Really appreciate all you do for me. And what you mean to Leanne!

DD Leanne and Robert were coming for dinner tonight so HAD to get some major cleaning done! (Not to mention cooking - something I don't do much of these days VBG!)

I hooked up the TV that had previously been in the living room and had been moved to my workroom. I ended up with a very small TV, a VCR.and a DVD player to take to Put and Take (along with some things my Mom had brought over to it). Did that then walked down to Sobey's to get some last minute things for dinner.

Started cleaning off the folding table in the living room then went upstairs for my daily walk with Barb R1. Then we stopped for a quick visit with Barb R2.

Got back to my place, finished clearing the folding table, sorted through all the nine orders from Liz D., boxed and lined them up under the counter overhang.

Cleared/organized all the 'Christmas stuff' from the tables -

Somehow I still have ALL this left over after finishing the Christmas Shop. That box under the Christmas tree is jam-packed! I'm too lazy/tired to look back for the original pictures but I think this is terribly close to what I started with!

But that's okay. In the years that I worked in the school system after I became involved in miniatures, I made probably made at least five Christmas vignettes and/or roomboxes each year. These days, I don't do them so I'll save some of the pieces for myself (just in case) but the rest of them will go to Sus in Denmark and to Barb R. and her granddaughter.


Here the Christmas Shop is in place on the table that belonged to Vern's parents. The house on the lower level is a breadbox from Russia that was gifted to me by a teacher at Sir George Simpson School when she retired.

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