Monday, March 3, 2014

A bit more progress

Well, books once again lured me from my that was in my "to-read" pile and one that was passed on to me. Barb R. and I walk every morning and yesterday her husband lent me Chris Hadfield's book, "An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth". (I'm probably one of the few Canadians who didn't get it for Christmas. LOL)

I highly recommend it! Not only is it an incredible insight to the training and education of astronauts, it's fascinating to read of his actual experiences in space. But what impressed me most was his insight into the dynamics of teamwork - especially Chapter 9: Aim to be a Zero.

FINALLY got the last piece of matboard cut for the inside of the glass. What a nightmare! Cut one piece of matboard and it didn't work at all so ended up cutting three templates from cardstock before I finally got it right and the piece of matboard cut. 

One of the pieces I really wanted to use this Hallmark ornament. Originally I had thought I would glue it to the mirror on the left of the ornament pegboard BUT it doesn't have a flat back - there are tiny bits of holly on the back. I then thought I might be able to hang it from the plate rail but changed my mind and hung it from a hook in the front window.
I put white foamcore behind it for the picture.
I made all these packages of Christmas stockings but haven't figured out how to use them. Still pondering that:

One possibility: Hanging some of them from a ribbon to the left of the ornament board

Second possibility: making a box to hold all of them and putting it on one of the shelves

Earlier I showed how I had put sloped shelves under the window on the left side of the room so the items on them would be more visible. Looking back, I should have made the bottom shelf lower to increase the visibility of the items there. But that's neither here nor there now.

In order to fit items on the bottom shelf, I had placed them on a piece of cardstock for spacing. Then I decided that the ideal way to place them on the shelf permanently (rather than glue them piece by piece on the shelf) would be to place a strip of double-faced carpet tape on the cardstock, stick the pieces to that then put it on the shelf.

Two petite point cushions from my stash, the door covers and the flat wrapped packages of wrapping paper.

The pieces in place on the shelf.
I came across some other pieces in my stash to make some more Christmas garland. I also had some Christmas tape to make the bands around it.

The pieces below will go on the middle shelf on the left hand side of the room. As above, they'll be taped with double-sided carpet tape to cardstock and placed on the shelf.

First, three Christmas colouring books; then five sets of placemats, the last two of which have matching napkins.

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