Thursday, February 13, 2014

Two major problems with this project

The first problem is only in terms of photography and the blog. This is a case from Michael's that was part of my retirement gift from Sir George Simpson School. It's great and a pretty good size BUT the things that make it a wonderful mini shop are also the things that make it almost impossible to photograph. It has a framed top case with glass on the top and three sides and a mirrored back wall that fits into a wooden base. Everything is visible from all angles and it doesn't need lighting.
The mirrored back makes photography very difficult. Sometimes I'm able to cover the mirror and take pictures without that reflection but that's not always possible.

The other problem is in design. The glass walls are centred in wood that is 9/16 inches square that fits into the wooden base.

So any furniture has to be inset from the wall. And precisely placed so the lid can be put in place. I saw a scene done in this case at Camp Mini Ha Ha so I had seen the problems that could ensue.

Trying to overcome this problem was one of the reasons I have taken so long to get working on this project.

It finally occurred to me that the way to deal with this was to build the shelves I want into the cover itself so that is coming together in my head - along with thinking that perhaps the lower shelves should be on an angle so items on them will be more visible.

That would be on one side of the room.

I have some absolutely wonderful pieces of Christmas furniture. But if I put them on the 'floor', they don't show up through the windows...So I'm thinking of putting a raised furniture display section on the right hand side of the room.

Just letting you know where I'm coming from....


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    1. Marisa, I'm so glad to read that. Sometimes I understand what I'm writing but I'm not always certain that it makes sense to others.
      Hugs, Maureen