Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Christmas Shop

Oh, my goodness, the ideas are coming fast and furiously! Am so excited about beginning work to complete this.

I've taken out everything that I collected for this project and set it out on the table in the living room.

I thought I would use that Lemax lighted tree in the upper right corner as a highlight....centered at the back of the room ....decorated with all the tiny brass ornaments in my stash!

Oh, my, I think I have enough to fill four rooms this size...

Thought I had everything  on the table then took a look at my Christmas bulletin board and found some more things....

Have to finish sorting through all ideas and visions then start work...

Joanne and I are going to see the Harry Potter exhibit tomorrow. Maybe the day away will let me see something else that will work in this shop.


  1. Hi Maureen! How wonderful that you have more than what you need for this project and that you can shop at home! I love it when you can rediscover buried treasures just waiting to be found again. :D


  2. Maureen I really like your shop, it's going to be so cute when you start to decorate it. this is very exciting :)


  3. Wow, it going to look great when you get it done. Enjoy the exhibit.