Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Some new goodies

Once again our club has been the recipient of items from the estate of a miniaturist. Our president, Tina, went through the 'stash' items and put them into ziploc bags  that were handed out to members last night. Barb R. wasn't able to attend last night so I also picked up a bag for her.

My bag contained some great things that I could use:
Houseworks corner posts, a radio, small bush, Christmas bag and Tinker Toy container. I have homes for everything but the corner posts.
Everything else in the bag will go to Barb for her grand-daughter.

In addition, we had a table with some House of Miniature furniture kits, Michael's hutches, some other furniture and a selection of magazines. The magazines were sold for 25 cents each. Members who were interested in the other items put their names in for a drawer. My name was the third drawn and I was lucky to get the one kit that I wanted!

Barb R. and I have have birthdays in March. Since Barb S. is away next month, she gave us our birthday gifts early.

Interesting morning. The smoke detectors are being tested in all the units so it was a noisy morning. The gentleman who tested my smoke detectors showed great interest in my minis and mentioned he had an wall niche that he thought about putting some kind of scene in. So I gave him my card. One of my smoke detectors is not working so that's good to know.


  1. Those are great little items. I can't wait to see what you do with them. Isn't funny how the universe surrounds you with people who love minis like you!

    1. The radio is earmarked for Joanne's radio shop; the bush for the Secret Garden; the bag to the Christmas shop and the tinker toys will go in the Jolly Toy Shop.

  2. I love that little Radio and congrats on getting your name drawn, you'll have to show us what it looks like when you are finished with it.

    Marisa :)

    1. One of my UFOs is a lady's bedroom with white furniture so think the nightstand kit will probably end up there.