Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Not as productive as hoped

Well, things didn't get completed as hoped but made a good dent:

Finish the ceiling

Make and install the card/book rack

Install ornament pegboard

Base for the back shelving to make it work with the case

Install the plates on the plate rack

Once I made the decision to glue them in place, putting the plates on the plate rail went quickly. I had already planned the placement on a strip of masking tape.

I originally put the ornament pegboard up using double-faced carpet tape but that didn't work so I put glue on the back of the frame and that did the trick.

Once the pegboard was in place, I realized that the shelving I was going to put below it was a bit too high so I cut off the top shelf.

Then in order to have the shelving sit flush against the back wall, I had to construct a base with an offset to fit in front of the base of the room top. I glued three pieces of wood together to get the right height, sanded and painted the base.

Attached it to the shelving and clamped until the glue dried.

Here you can see the offset.

Both the pegboard and shelving in place.

Got the ceiling top trimmed and in place.

So the card/book rack will be on tomorrow's to-do list.

Once it's done, it will be time to fill all the shelves. Almost all of that will be done outside the box. I'll line up the shelving and spread out all the possibles on the dining room table. 

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  1. I like how it's just coming right along..that shows great planning