Friday, February 28, 2014

Just when you think....

that you have all the things to put in a room collected in one place, you remember/think of something else...

My search started when I only had 5 pompom bows (purchased in Kelowna years ago) in the Christmas I checked out the Holiday bulletin board and found more bows.
I`m thinking of putting all the bows in this container.

As I further looked through my boards, I found the red Chrysnbon cake plate and candy dish. Then I found the plant.

I had had a very tall set of candlesticks in the stash for this room but was wavering on using it. Then I remembered that about 15 years ago my friend Peggy had given me a set of brass candlesticks trimmed for Christmas. It wasn't on my lighting bulletin board (found it later in a Christmas scene) but I did find a couple bags of Chrysnbon candles and candlesticks that I bought from Danielle Perry at her last time at our Show and Sale before she closed her business.

So I took a set:

 trimmed and put them together and painted them with bright red nail polish.

Those pieces will go on the left side of the top shelf here.

As you can see, I`ve transferred the boxes of ornaments from the slanted shelf on the left to the bottom shelf here along with the Christmas light boxes that I made this afternoon. I don`t know what it says about me (or the obsession) when I make six individual boxes then glue them together. I couldn`t bear to do that with the ornament boxes so I put a strip of double-sided tape across the shelf and attached the ornament boxes to that.

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  1. I love the candle sticks, they'll look great on the shelf.