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from April 27, 2011

These were my projects at that time:

Just discovered this draft in my posts. Probably a good one to finish.

Now I can concentrate on actually working on my projects. At this point, the list includes (in no particular order):

           1.   The art gallery that I started at Camp Mini Ha Ha 2009
2. My Christmas shop (have a good start on that one)
3. Victorian style parlour
4. Lady’s bedroom
6. A Secret Garden
7. Travel trailer – still in the box
8. Wire my Bombay house
9. Oriental room
10. Log cabin (I’d give up on this one but I’ve got too many things to go in it!)
11. My English dollhouse – just needs a few repairs and furnishing but there are design problems with it.
12. The wharf and beach that should be the base for my Serendipity Shop(another Camp Mini Ha Ha project - 2008).

Let's take a look:

First of all, I forgot to include the project done in the Russian bread box:
Goldilocks and the Three Bears

But aside from that:

1. The Art Gallery: Totally different from the original plan but finished and, I think, one of my best pieces.
2. The Christmas Shop: I'm starting to work again on this one this week.
3. Victorian style Parlour Finished then updated.
4. Lady's bedroom: Still no inspiration on this one. If I could just get the canopy bed dressed, I think the rest of it would come together.
5.1940s detective office above a bar. Very pleased with this once the final piece (the actual bar) finally came to me.
6. A Secret Garden: Have the builders' foam to make the walls and it's (sort of) coming together in my head.
7. Travel trailer: Decided not to do this one after all. Sold the kit to the club for this year's project.
8. The Bombay house is wired with 15 lights. I'm planning on renovating the kitchen and adding a window seat in the office area. At some point, I plan on adding a deck with a hot tub.
9. The oriental room is done.
10. Log cabin. My issue with the log cabin is that the walls are smooth inside and I want them to look like logs. I think I may have a solution so it's seriously back on the list.
11. The English dollshouse: Off to my friend Barb's so it's off my list and on to hers.
12. The wharf and beach - kind of hard to get enthusiastic about this when the shop itself is all finished and is a good stand-alone piece....maybe someday.
13. Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Still on the 'someday' list.

New projects since that list was compiled:
14. The Quilt Shop: SO close ;-( Just have to finish making the notions and put them on the pegboard.
15. Vern's attic: The lighting is an issue that I'm hoping I will solve with the LED lighting I ordered from Grandpa's Dollhouse. Once that's done, I can finish putting in the insulation, building some shelving and finish it. Have most of the items I want to put in it.
16. The music room: Once again, stalled due to lighting issues. But once my order arrives from Liz, it should come together fairly quickly.

Along the way, I made a couple other projects as donations to groups I'm close to:
1. The miniature of the Leo Nickerson Art Studio that was done for a silent auction on behalf of the Stollery Children's Hospital.
2. The scrapbooking room that I did for a silent auction at DD Leanne's day care.
3. The Teddy Bears' Picnic for Leo Nickerson School.

Even though I haven't been accomplishing too much lately, I guess that I have accomplished a fair bit over the past three years.

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