Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bit more done...

Still procrastinating about making the card/book rack....

But did manage to hang the two stained glass panels.

What a pain! I had to screw in hooks (from some old ornaments) with virtually no clearance from the glass, attach jump rings to the chains, attach them to the hooks and close the hooks so the pieces would stay in place. Almost an hour!

Used the moveable glue to affix these pieces to the shelf. Needed two coats so lot of waiting involved.

Installed the mat in front of the doors.

Set out the counter, shelving and two pieces of cardboard to represent the two shelves that are in the shop already so I can decide what goes where. All the red packages at the bottom are Christmas stockings and have to figure out what to do with them.

Doubt if I'll have much room for the items on the far right.

 And definitely don't have room for all this.

I was looking through the Christmas minis file on my computer and realized I didn't have any Christmas lights but did have lights box printies so I'll make those up tonight.

And may get the rack made.

That aside, I'm feeling like it's coming together. Lots of decisions to make tomorrow.

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