Monday, February 17, 2014

Almost finished right hand side, shelving left side, thinking....

Here I cut the piece to close in below the furniture shelf. Once it had been fitted, I cut four faux "doors" to provide storage under the furniture. I bevelled the edges of the doors then glued them in place and weighted them under books until the glue dried. 

Here it's fitted in place. I won't add the hardware for the doors until the piece has been painted...and I won't paint it until the pieces are cut for the right hand shelving as I want to spray paint the pieces white and want to paint all the shelving pieces at one time.

On the left hand side of the room, there will be wall to wall shelving. The top shelf will be even with the partial wall below the window. In order to make the items on the lower shelves more visible, I'm planning on slanting the two lower shelves as shown in the sketch below.

That's the plan so far.......

Once that unit is built and installed, I'll have a better idea of how much more shelving I'll need.

The 9" Lemax tree will probably have to be eliminated for lack of space. The 4" Christmas tree by Bev Potter-Marien on the right may be the Christmas tree that I'll be able to highlight.

There is just SO much to put in the room and I just don't know where to put it all.

I have a wonderful hanging Santa carpet (no room for that), demonstration door cover (with rolled sale pieces) this wonderful ribbon rack that could be part of a gift wrapping area:

All kinds of wrapping paper (rolls and wrapped sheets) and bows; books (need a magazine rack for them); nativity scenes, placemats and napkins, ornaments (both boxed and individual), garland, stained glass hangings, Christmas stockings (both packaged and dimensional). Santa Claus suits (two different styles)....

In order to fit so many other things in, I may have to eliminate this ornament board that is one of my favourite pieces and one of the first things I made for the shop. This is going to be a BIG decision! This was going to be the focal point of the room and I'd be devastated to lose it but that may have to be a choice I have to make. It takes up about 1/3 of the width of the back wall so using it almost eliminates the use of anything else on that wall.

I thought I had all this figured out a couple days ago until I looked at what was left in my stash and had to rethink everything.........

The usual one step forward and two steps back.....


  1. maybe you can use the board for another scene since it's not going to work for this one? I agree that it's a shame that you can't use it and I do love that ribbon holder..I think it's pretty cute:)

    1. Marisa, If I don't use the board in this project I can't think of anywhere that I might use it. Went to get the link to the ribbon holder tutorial for you and the site is no longer there. I've asked in The Camp to see if there's a new url for her tutorials - they were plentiful and great!