Thursday, January 2, 2014

Some more downsizing...

I had six rooms of the 'Room by Room' dollhouse that I offered up to members of our club. Of the eight members whose names went into the draw for it, my upstairs neighbour/friend, Barb R. won it! It will go to her grand-daughter, Cassandra, who is a budding miniaturist in her own right.

Barb only joined the ranks of miniaturists about two years ago. I could say that I dragged her into it but that wouldn't quite be true! She had a love of small things for a long, long time - in fact when we first started talking about this, she gave me a collection of small things that she had acquired through the years...most of which I have returned to her as she became more and more involved in this wonderful hobby!

We are now hoping that her daughter, Vicky, will join our ranks...

With that in mind, she's hoping that she and Vicky will start putting together an oriental roombox.

For YEARS, I have collected items for an Oriental room box.

my setting for it all was to go in this absolutely perfect old lamp! Which had to have just the minimum of items in it...

I love this piece. It is SO simple yet right.

But I'm left with all the other pieces I've collected over the years:

SO many possibilities...........

So I'll pass on the box of oriental minis...and the instructions for Joann Swanson's ``Chinese New Year`` Nutshell News February 1995, to Barb and Vicky...

In the hope that they will enjoy the making of a roombox as much as I enjoyed the collection of the items!


  1. that little lantern is so pretty, Happy New Year :)


  2. Love the lantern, what a great idea. I'll be on the look for lanterns now!