Sunday, January 19, 2014

Roomboxes and Miniature settings

I went down to the "Put and Take" this afternoon and there was a wonderful old approximately 15" diameter world globe there.
Not the same one - but similar.
It's at least 40 years old so I can't imagine anyone taking it...but I could just visualise cutting a rectangle in the face of it and building a foam core roombox in it....

BUT I can't visualize what might be in the room...for me...perhaps a scene from some home country or a small museum from a country such as Egypt.???

So many possibilities....but none are coming to me personally...

So, for once, I was able to say "no". (If you're in the Edmonton area and this is speaking to you, please e-mail me and I'll snag it for you. The woman who donated it would love to see it used in some way. She was quite interested when I told her I could visualize a scene set in it!)

That's an unusual one but this is more accessible:

I first saw this use of a night stand drawer at a dealer's table at our Edmonton Show and Sale (think it was Myrt and Bill Smeaton but I could be wrong). Have seen it since in the miniature roomboxes that we silent-auctioned off from Joyce Buchanon's roomboxes....

One of the advantages/disadvantages of hosting MDO is that people bring a lot of "giveaways" and, somehow, I seem to get stuck with the leftovers.

This one, fortunately,was a drawer was filled with incredible pieces of hardwood: walnut, rosewood, and several other pieces of hardwood whose names I didn't recognize. (They were pieces that no one wanted and would have been too expensive to ship to anyone I knew so I packed them up and took them next door to the woodworking shop in my Mom's condo.) Anyway, they were stored in a night stand drawer that I recognized immediately as a roombox

This inner measurements of this  particular drawer are 11 1/8" wide x 10 1/2" high and 6 13/16" deep. (The handle on top is a bonus!

Could be a great roombox for the oriental room that Barb is hoping to do with her DD Vicky! She gets first dibs but if anyone else is interested, let me know.


  1. This drawer has a whole lot of potential Maureen and I love the height and depth of it. The possibilities of what it could be, are seemingly endless. I am sure that whoever takes up the challenge will have fun making something really special in it.


    1. Yes, Elizabeth, this one is a nice size. I just checkout the drawers in my nightstands and they would work well as roomboxes too. When garage sale season hits, it might be a good time to be on the lookout for some of these LOL.