Friday, January 17, 2014

Potato chips - an oldie but goodie

I decided to try making the bell pepper salad that Leanne served at Christmas dinner for tomorrow's Mini Day Out.

There are three bell peppers in the salad so that gave me a lot of seeds:

I scraped the seeds from the peppers onto a plate. Ordinarily I just air dry them but it takes awhile for them to dry completely. Since I had had the oven on to bake a cake for tomorrow, I transferred the seeds to a loaf pan and put them in the cooling oven for about a half hour.

Not only did that dry them completely, it gave them a bit of colour.

Then bagged them for tomorrow.

Nice when you can combine a RL chore with a mini one.

Someone left two of these wonderful upholstery scraps (20" x 20") in the Put and Take. Will make wonderful carpeting for two small rooms or one large one. Maybe someone who comes tomorrow will have a use for it.

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