Sunday, January 12, 2014

Miniature publications

One of our younger club members asked what miniature magazines other members would subscribe to.

For personal reasons, I choose not to subscribe to any of the Ashdown publications. (Aside from my personal prejudice, I find that their publications often run the same articles in both American magazines and their British magazine.) 

The British "Dolls House and Miniature Scene", although a bit pricey, is a great magazine that many members  recommend. "Miniature Collector" is great but mostly focuses on 'eye candy' and as another member noted there are not many how-to's...but it does have a section called Kids Korner that is great and is available online that has some wonderful tutorials.

I have about 16 shelf feet of older miniature magazines that provide me with just about all the information I'm looking for.

If I had to choose one of the many magazines I have, I would choose the old Nutshell News and the older Dollhouse Miniatures (name change there) before Ashdown bought it. The biggest reason would be the Joann Swanson tutorials (now available on her blog ) and the fact that there is so much more Trash to Treasure in them. I no longer buy any miniature magazines except the older ones to fill out my collection that I can often pick up at the Show and Sale.

Another thing you might check out is your library...some carry some of the miniature magazines in their periodical section.  Libraries don't seem to have as many miniature hobby books as they used to but you could check that out also.

Hampstead House Books is a Canadian discount book seller that occasionally has books on miniatures. Haven't found any recently but it's worth a try. Search miniature, dollhouse, dollshouse, and dolls house.

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