Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Knives, Salads

Last night I went to "Stitch and Bitch" (our very informal name for our craft get-together in the building). As usual, I left thinking about what I would take to work on until the last minute! So I found one box labelled "KITS" and looked through it. There were some ziploc bags of knives from turned toothpicks that I had started. Working on those seemed quite appropriate as one of the gentleman in the building was joining us to sharpen RL knives. So I finished making 14 of them and painted the blades silver. Then tonight I painted the handles and bagged them.

I had a bag of 'lettuce' left in my stash so I added some red peppercorns and some very fine pieces of green and orange fun foam to it and re-bagged it as small handouts for Saturday's Mini Day Out. Most club members already have some but the newbies don't and I'm hoping that a couple "new" people will show up.

I'm still trying to decide what I will work on Saturday. Personally I don't get a great deal done on MDO so I have to find something that's pretty small to work on. One of my possibilities is working on the walls of the "Secret Garden"...but that involves starting a whole new UFO....and do I really want to go there!?

There have been several people in the building who have shown an interest in miniatures over the years so I put a note in our Condo newsletter on Monday that anyone who was interested in "small things" could stop by at MDO and see what people were working on. Hopefully we'll attract more members.

LAST MINUTE CALL: If you're planning on attending MDO on Saturday, Joanne and I are going for groceries Thursday at 10 a.m. ...need to know by then...


  1. I didn't know you could make knifes out of toothpicks, thats really cool.


    1. Thanks, Marisa. They're a lot of fun to make once you've made a couple and get the rhythm. I think I've probably made a couple hundred of them by now. They make a nice little gift when you meet fellow miniaturists for the first time OR for tote bag favours for a Gathering or House Party.
      Hugs, Maureen