Sunday, January 19, 2014

Great Mini Day Out!

Yesterday about 15 of us got together for a fun day of mini-ing. Corinne from Calgary even joined us for the day. MDO is a very informal get-together where you can work on the club project (if you're a club member), work on a UFO or even just visit and exchange tips and ideas.

Before arrival

Erika (left) working on her trailer. Wendy worked on her tents.

Inger (left) making great progress on her trailer. Lucille is making silk cushions. (front) By the end of the day, Trineke had her trailer wallpapered and tiled and the walls up. Great job!

Tina's working on her trailer - a complete kit-bashing to replicate their trailer from years ago. Debbie (standing) tackled a variety of projects throughout the day including jars of canning for her WWI house.

Lunch time!
I mentioned a couple days ago that I had put a notice in our condo newsletter inviting residents to drop by and see our work. Several people joined us throughout the day. Two from the other building were actually miniaturists! One even brought a photo album of the scale model she had made of her childhood home. Incredible piece of work! And she made absolutely everything inside except five or six small purchased items. After some years of displaying it in her home, she donated it to the Ponoka Museum. (Ponoka is a small town (pop. 6800) about 95 km south of Edmonton where both my parents and Sean and Julie lived in the past. So I'm thinking "road trip" and Google Ponoka AB Museum. There are THREE of them!)

I made another big batch of salad to have handy in my stash but didn't do much more than that.

It was a GOOD day.

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