Monday, December 23, 2013

Updating an old mini...

This time of year I usually clean my workroom but this year I've been CLEANING the rest of the condo...(You know, the deep-down, dirty, cleaning, get rid of things, cleaning as opposed to the get things out of sight cleaning!) And that, of course, is why I haven't been posting for awhile!

But I did get some mini-ing done tonight...

I bought two packages of mini-tools at the garage sale for Bonnie's estate. And with those in mind, I asked DS Shirley to bring over Dad's workshop so I could add some tools to it.

I had built this of foamcore inside a bread box so everything could be pulled out... It has a drop ceiling with a battery operated light...
And here I've removed the ceiling...

 Then I recalled I had glued the 'cement' floor in place so I couldn't easily pull out the entire scene. (GRRR)

I glued the shelving against the wall...and glued a few other things in place..

Before I realized I couldn't pull the setting out, I was going to wire the new tools to the pegboard but since that was no longer an option, I glued the new tools to the pegboard.

Not a great difference...But  I know it's there.

And everything is glued in place so it can be returned to Shirley and Grahame without a change. I usually use 'moveable glue' for scenes but this is a "moment in time" miniature so I used Aleene's Tacky Glue to keep things in place.

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