Friday, December 6, 2013

this and that

Weather: As I write, the temperature is -25 C with a windchill of -37 C. It's a bit nippy out there! For those of you in the U.S., -40 is -40 in both Fahrenheit and Celsius so you know it's blinking cold!

The snow has pretty much stopped falling although we're expecting flurries over the next few days but nothing like the snow that fell Sunday night and Monday:

I had swept my balcony on Sunday afternoon. By Tuesday morning, it looked like this!  You can't realize how much snow is on that railing until you look at the picture below (which is the railing on the right in the picture above).

When these pictures were taken!

I'm on the second floor of our building looking at the piles of snow that have been cleared from the parking lot of my mother's building. The pile of snow on the right was cleared up until the weekend - the pile on the left was from the weekend!
Wonderful Mini News! Got confirmation that the incredible miniature ring that Barb R. received in the MEE Christmas Party gift exchange

was indeed made by Natasha. This young woman who is incredibly new to miniatures does some of the best miniature food in 1:12 scale I have seen! She also does wonderful ageing and antiquing of furniture. AND she also loves working in 1:6 scale. When you check out her work in 1:6 scale, you will definitely realize why I refer to it as 1:6 as opposed to the popular "play scale". This is NOT playing with Barbies - it's an art form!

I have a couple little items on the go that I hope to show to you soon. One is the project we worked on at Sunni's two weeks ago and the other is one that I tried years ago and thought might be fun to show you.

RL has intruded to an unbelievable extent but I think that I've done enough work/photography along the way that I might be able to catch up a bit over the next few days.


  1. I found your blog for the 1st time yesterday when I was searching for ideas for my miniature pub. I have gone back to the beginning and am working my way forward but thought I would pop in this morning to tell you how wonderful I think your blog is. I will be caught up with all of your postings today or tomorrow and happily anticipating each new one. Thank you so much! - Marilyn from New Brunswick

    1. Thanks, Marilyn. I hope you got some good ideas for your pub from the blog. I did a LOT of research when I was doing that one so if I can help you at all...

  2. Maureen: As I mentioned in my first comment - I am making my way through your archive since I found this blog yesterday. Did you ever get your queston answered from the Feb 2012 posts where you asked if anyone knew how to make a quilling bowl with smooth sides? If not, check out Kris Compass's blogs at She has some great projects including making pottery and bowls from quilling. She uses plain glue to make her bowls smooth. It seems to work really well. - Marilyn from New Brunswick.

  3. Thanks, Marilyn, for both your earlier comment and this one. I actually got two replies on this today (who knew?)! Love Kris's blog...she is so incredible!