Friday, December 27, 2013

The Christmas Shop....

All of you know how I flip back and forth between possible projects...

But I have often referred to the "Christmas Shop"...

and the other day, Elise in Virginny specifically asked me about it...

In my head, this will eventually become one of my best pieces...

But for now, it still is in my head....

I have started it...from the glass case that I was given on my early retirement. It's hard to take pictures as the back of the cabinet is mirrored...

from the left

from the right

Here's a shot of the actual room

That's all I have actually accomplished so far. And I LOVE it!

Trees and furniture that I expect MIGHT go in it at some point...the larger pieces...

Then, oh, my gosh...these are the boxes of all the incredible "stuff" that will eventually go into the shop!

I'm still trying to figure the shelving out....

It will come together eventually....


  1. Hi
    I felt bad when I realised that I had a big box of Christmas items and so, but when I saw you have 2........ I feel a litte better now !!!! BIG SMILE
    I look forward to follow your project and might get an idea or more from you.
    Can we make a deal...... IF you and I find 2 items each of which we both have them double, let us swap them and get different items in our Christmas Box... Your shop and my Santa and wife`s livingroom.
    Good luck with your project my dear friend.
    I wish you the most wonderful new year with happy experiences and fine health.
    Greetings from Denmark

    1. Hi Sus,
      Isn't it amazing how much we collect for projects? LOL
      International postage is SO expensive but we'll work something out! Will email you privately.
      So glad we're back in touch.
      All the best in the New Year!
      Hugs. Maureen

  2. I can't wait to see how it going to turn out. It really pretty in this stage. My hats goes off to everyone working in this scale!! Have a blessed new year.

    1. Thanks, Brini, for taking a look. You do some absolutely wonderful work in your scale!
      All the best in the New Year to you also.