Sunday, December 15, 2013

Just a quick note - non-mini!

The Pass it on Challenge on Canada Minis encouraged me to set up a similar thing in our condo building. We have an Amenity Room that's empty so I asked the other condo board members if we could use it as a "Put and Take" room and encourage residents to leave things there that are too good to throw away that other residents might be able to use.

They gave me permission to do this on a trial basis so I have been incredibly busy setting it up, putting up posters to let residents know about it -- and putting items in the room to kick-start it!

So this will keep me going for awhile...

I really have some great things that have been happening mini-wise but they'll have to wait for a day or two.


  1. What a great idea Maureen. You get to recycle and get a glimpse into the lives of those around you all at the same time. What fun! - Marilyn D., Burton, NB

  2. Marilyn, I'll tell you, as I was setting this all up I had a whole pile of concerns! Like, what if you gave a party and nobody came! LOL!
    But I went down tonight (about 60 hours after the signs went up) and I'm already seeing considerable in and out movement of items and there have been some great things left - couple gorgeous handbags and two golf carts!
    Just hope it keeps up!

    1. Sounds like my kind of "shopping"! - Marilyn D., Burton, NB