Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas, What a mess!!!!

Fortunately DD Leanne doesn't read my blog so I can post about this.

We're going back to NYC for a week in June so we decided that rather than exchange Christmas presents we would buy each other tickets to a show on Broadway.

BUT that's not really something we can put under the tree!

So as I was going through closets looking for things to go in the 'Put and Take', I came across this chest that my Dad had given to my Mom. (I actually thought that he had made it but when I talked to her tonight, she said, 'No, he had bought it.' But she couldn't remember when - and I couldn't recall when she had passed it on to me. But she was thrilled that I was going to pass it on to Leanne.

I used some dollhouse carpet to line the bottoms of the compartments. I had quite a choice and had shown them to Mom when she was over yesterday. She was pleased with the pink as it's "her colour".

This place it a complete disaster area! It's not so great at the best of times but now it's SO bad, I'm in danger of being condemned as a hoarder! I'm trying to clean out my storage room so it'll be easy to deal with when some plumbing pipes are replaced after the New Year. I've been emptying closets and drawers looking for things to  put in the 'Put and Take'. Not to mention the 'in progress' miniature projects that are on the card and dining room tables... Plus I brought up my totes of Christmas wrapping paper and gift bags so I'm trying to get presents wrapped and bagged....

Once it all comes together, it'll be great but in the meantime, I can hardly walk around.

Have to speed up working on all these things....


  1. This is going to be a beautiful and thoughtful gift. I love receiving something with a story behind it. Much more meaningful then a shop bought gift.

    1. She loved it! As did she love a cookbook (all tattered, torn and in pieces) that my Mom received as a gift from an English Army Major in 1941 when she was in the Canadian Women's Army Corp. Mom thought enough of it that she mentioned it specifically in her autobiography that she wrote for the family. She was totally blown away (and a bit teary-eyed) when she saw how excited that Leanne was to receive it.

  2. I agree with Indy_Poppy - I'd much rather get a gift like that. It would mean a lot. However, speaking of gifts, I received your T2T booklet today Maureem. Thank you so much. I'm making myself a cup of tea and sitting down for an evening of fun and inspiring reading. I'm so pleased. Again - thank you. - Marilyn D., Burton, NB

    1. Marilyn, Hope the T2T booklet encourages you.
      Hugs, Maureen

  3. I think I could but you to shame with the stuff I have. I do love the jewelry box.