Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Ontario Trip

The past few years, I've been going to Ontario for a week the end of October so I can  go "Trick or Treating" with the grandchildren, Jonah and Holly. (Holly was a mermaid and Jonah was Harry Potter in his Quidditch robe. Leanne had forgotten to pack a costume but found a really neat pair of sock monkey pajamas and wore those as her costume.)

Side Note: Before Leanne and I left for Ontario, she gave me these miniature pieces she had bought for me on her last trip to Las Vegas:

 This year was even better as DD Leanne went with me so all of us spent four days together (that hasn't happened for a LONG time!) In addition to Hallowe'en, we got to spend time at Holly's ballet class and Jonah's hockey practice...and just spend time together - mostly putting together the Lego kits that Leanne and I gave the grandchildren for their birthdays.

As proud as I am of my grandchildren, I choose not to show pictures of them on my blog.

Leanne drove back to Toronto on Sunday to catch her flight home and dropped me off in Bowmanville for the Miniature Show and Sale there. I love this opportunity to visit with friends from the Yahoo group Canada Minis and Camp Mini Ha Ha.

I wasn't even in the building when Carolyn R. from Canada Minis came up and introduced herself! Got into the sales room and immediately saw Dale B. from Petite Images (a CMHH alumnus) who told me that Liz from Grandpa's Dollhouse was sick and unable to attend (a disappointment). Then spotted Samm Brockhurst and visited with her and Patricia S. (both from  CMHH ). Did a bit of catching up with them then headed around to see what was available.

Next I saw Janet H. (CM and CMHH), Maggie Melinda Miniatures. I bought a wonderful loveseat and chair from her last year. She makes incredible upholstered furniture and draperies. Highly recommend her work.

On to Greg Matusovsky's table....This is where I stand and drool! Greg is a master silversmith and one of the nicest young men I have met. He always makes time to talk to you even when you admit that you won't be buying from him. His premiere display piece was The Empress Maria Feodorovna Dressing Table Set - I hope this link works as this piece is absolutely breathtaking!

Still just working/looking my way around the room as I'm not really looking to buy anything for myself. Have some money from my friend Barb who asked me to pick up any bargains I can find for her so I know from previous shows that D. E. Miniatures from Woodstock, ON, will have a good selection of things for her.

Make my way around the room to Liz West's (another CM) table. Liz sells beautiful laser-cut kits (mostly in 1:48 but some 1:12). Picked up a little shelving unit in 1:48 for Joanne.

So now that I've gone around the room and met up with all my friends, it's time to start buying!

In no particular order:

From D. E. Miniatures: this incredible wheelchair for only $10 for Vern's attic. I'll need to do some repainting but it is SO right!

Don't recall who I bought these bricks from but they were only $1 a bag so they may work for a fireplace or whatever.

Oh, my, I spotted this wonderful battery operated light fixtures at Petite Miniatures. It will be perfect with the red furniture I bought from Janet H. last year (and Janet agreed).

My friend and neighbour, Barb R., condo-sits for me when I'm away and I like to find something for her while I'm away.
I had picked up these bowls and plates a few years ago when the daughter of a former club member held a garage sale of her mother's things.

To my joy, Dale of Petite Images had the matching serving pieces (bottom 5 pieces) so I was able to give Barb a nice set of dinnerware.

From Liz West, I bought a kit for two end tables in 1:12 and a 1:48 shelving unit for Joanne.

On the left is a better pictures of the kit for Joanne, the middle is a piece of wonderful fine pleated fabric for me and a small iridescent glass Christmas tree for my Christmas shop (bought where I bought the packages of bricks).

For this corner cabinet set from D. E. Miniatures for $8.00! Don't know what I'll do with it yet but it's lovely and the price was right. LOL!

Grab bag from D. E. Miniatures for $2.00. The fireplace is for Barb R. and I'll keep the rest.

Glasses, scissors, watering can, kettle, towel holder, cream and sugar from D. E. Miniatures for Barb R.

More things for Barb R.

And more for Barb R.
Barb gave me a list and $20 to spend (with the proviso if I found anything more, go for it!) but I came in within budget!

Oops! Forgot about this great 11" fir tree I bought from Dale for my Secret Garden.
Much of my time, actually, was spent visiting with friends, especially Samm, Liz W., Dale and Janet.

Samm was selling several of the prototypes she and her Dad had built over the years for Ontario Gatherings. She had two prototypes of SW rooms she and her Dad had built some years ago. Patricia had bought one before I arrived at the sale and she had the earlier one left. My dear friend Joanne has been collecting for a SW room for years and I was debating about buying the one from Samm as a Christmas gift for her when Samm gifted her with it through me. Unfortunately, I gave it to Joanne this morning before I took a picture of it (was sure I had a picture).


  1. So nice that you were able to see so many mini friends from CM.

    1. Always a blessing when I can meet friends. Hope to meet you some time.

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