Thursday, November 21, 2013

Music Room

Sorry I haven't posted...RL has taken over  the week big time!

Back in July, I bought a started room box at Bonnie's estate sale. At that time I had decided to turn it into a Music Room and I posted later with some ideas as to what I might do with it.

Last weekend, I decided it was time to start work on it!

On Monday, I went to Quiltessentials, the incredible little shop just down the street. I had been there before when I found the fabric to cover the outside of the Quilt Shop and knew I had seen some great fabric with musical designs. Almost immediately found this incredible piece in black and red on a white background that I knew was exactly what I wanted for the outside of the roombox!

Because the box was painted brown, I took a small piece of the fabric and glued it to the bottom of the box to see if the brown would show through.
Picture is bad but result was good!
It didn't so I used Yes glue to cover the outside of the box with the fabric.

On Tuesday night, our regular MEE club meeting was postponed to next Tuesday due to the weather. (Our bylaws allow for meetings to be cancelled/postponed if the weather with windchill falls below -25C.) But we had to get our mini-fix in so Joanne, Lorry and I went to Sunni D.'s for a small workshop that I'll show you later.

I took some of my ideas for the roombox with me and got wonderful input from those ladies on how I could use the striped and solid pieces of scrapbooking paper I had to decorate the room.

My first step was to wallpaper the left hand wall with a very fine black and white striped scrapbooking paper.

Then I did the back wall in a red scrapbooking paper  that is a wonderful match to the upholstered furniture I'll be using in the room.

Then because the ceiling was also painted in the dark brown, I covered it with a piece of white matboard. (Giggle, I have a great selection of books that I use to hold things in place while glue is drying!)

Ceiling is now white!

A piece of black carpet and the room is starting to take shape!

The window in the right side wall is good but the window mullions are a sort of grey/green to match Bonnie's wallpaper so I had to spray paint them white to match the rest of the new decor.

Fellow miniaturist, June K., gave me this wonderful "No-Mess Tent" that allows me to spray paint without a mess. It's particularly great when I can use it in warm weather so I can spray on the balcony but it's also wonderful in bad weather if I'm just doing a small spray. There's no chance of overspray and I can use it in a separate room and let any smell dissipate.

Now that the mullions were re-painted, I covered that wall with the black/white striped scrapbooking paper. Needed to piece two pieces here so I cut a strip and wrapped in around them corner. When that had set,
 I glued another piece of the paper across the front of the wall...butt joint. You can see where the paper can be cut out for the window.

Here the wallpaper has been cut out from over the window and that side wall has been temporarily put in place.

(I have a garden scene to go outside that window so this is definitely just a temporary placement.

Oh, my, here we go!

I think this is a case of the usual WAY to much to go into a room!

This came out of the Victorian Parlour!

Possibilities: Alto saxophone (for Sean), bust (?), record albums (with records peeking out) . treble clefs, and more record albums, flute. clarinet
Bottom row: guitar, light fixture, record turntable and Penny Spence accordion
 As I was collecting all these things from my 'music' bulletin board, I was looking for a 'boombox' that Leanne bought for me when we went to Montana. When I couldn't find that, I found the accordion and that reminded me of the Penny Spence stereo that I bought years ago!
Cabinet with sliding 'glass' doors (gift from Samm and Gerry Brockhurst) and the Penny Spence stereo.
Wonderful pieces from the Bowmanville Show:

The loveseat and chair  (last year) and the tables (from Liz West this year).:

The music stand from Bonnie's estate sale (think it's Chrysnbon) and a table and instruments from Gilbert Funk -  I'll use just the instruments.
 I want a really dramatic BIG 'painting' on the back wall of the music room!

This is a photo of a portion of the fabric that covers the outside of the roombox that I think would be perfect.
This is a piece of wallpaper that I had originally thought to use in the room. Maybe it could be (straightened out) framed in black as the piece of art on the back wall.

Lot of things going here....


  1. wow really nice can't wait to see it finished also great idea for the spray paint tent!!

    1. Chris, I love the tent...but you can do something equally post.

  2. I love it so far, can't wait to see the finished product.

    1. Thanks Crystal, It's coming along...