Monday, November 11, 2013

Lest We Forget!

 My great-grandfather, Jim Mould. served about 20 years in the British Army. He saw service in India, was in the Boer War and the First World War. (He was 44 years old and had 9 children when he volunteered in 1914. Unfortunately I can't find the picture I have of him in his cavalry uniform.

Of his and Great-Grandmother, Nellie's, children, Elsie (Women's Army Corps - WWI), Charlie (my grand-father - Canadian Army both WWI and WWII), and Art (Royal Navy WWI, Canadian Army WWII) served as did some of the sons-in-law.

Grandpa Charlie joined the Canadian Army in 1915 (age 16) and served in France.

During WWII, Grandpa, Uncles Allen, Charlie and Jim, my Dad Milton and my mother Grace served as did Uncle Les Connery.

Dad later joined the R.C.A.F. as a reservist and was Commanding Officer of the Fairview Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron for several years.

Son Sean was a member of RCAC Sabre Squadron throughout junior and senior high school and taught at the Penhold Music Camp for several years (met Julie there). He also taught at the Naval Cadet camp in Esquimalt when they lived on Vancouver Island. While an Air Cadet, he earned his Gold Duke of Edinburgh medal.
Sean (second from left) speaking with Prince Edward at the reception after receiving his Gold Duke.
Between my trip to Ontario, computer troubles and sheer laziness, it's been two weeks since I've posted. Hope to get back on a regular schedule soon.


  1. Hi Maureen! What a service record for your family! And what an honor to know that they have served and served so well. You are right to bring them to our attention as well as all of the unsung heros and those others that served and died to protect Our Freedoms. LEST WE FORGET!
    thank you


    1. Thank YOU, Elizabeth, for your recognition of all our servicemen.
      One of the greatest gifts my father (and mother) gave me were their autobiographies. And I spent this morning reading those again with particular emphasis on Dad's war time service.

  2. Thanks Maureen, love this write up and so important to have it written down somewhere. We will read it to the kids tonight.
    xo Julie