Thursday, October 17, 2013

Why we do this....

My friend, fellow miniaturist and President of the Miniature Enthusiasts of Edmonton Club, Tina MacDonald,  was the subject of a video at the request of Telus (the My Edmonton series) in which she spoke of her love of and interest in miniatures.

Tina has also represented us on Edmonton's Breakfast TV 

We are SO fortunate to have such a wonderful, well-spoken representative of our club.


  1. Hi Maureen! Thanks for posting this interview of your club president! She does wonderful miniatures and her story about her Nautical room box featuring the Titanic and the crew of a Canadian ship that was later involved in the follow-up, was very interesting and to think that it all came about with the purchase of a miniature telescope! Wow!


  2. Wasn't that an incredible story? Loved the history behind it. But my favourite is her "The morning after the night before Christmas"...Wow...what possibilities for a story there...