Monday, October 7, 2013


The club project for this year is a camp site! I was very enthusiastic about it in the beginning as I was going to do the trailer that I had, lo, those many years ago, when DS Carol and I spent two weeks together camping with our children.

I had the Greenleaf trailer kit that I had bought from Danielle Perry years ago...which is the basis for several of the club projects this year but it wasn't quite what I was looking for.

Then Barb S. from our club found a wonderful tutorial for a trailer on a French website.

That had more of the design I was looking for!

But it still wasn't QUITE right!

SO at the all day workshop, I was trying to design the trailer of my memories?!?

THEN I thought....why the heck am I trying to do this?

I already made that memory in miniature. Some of my best work...and Carol has it...


I have more than 10 major UFOs on my list. It's much more important to try and complete one or two of them than work on another trailer!

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