Monday, September 9, 2013

Very productive day!

You may remember that before I went to rabbit-sit, I had moved most everything out of the flat surfaces in my workroom to the table in the living room.

Wow! It has all been sorted, bagged and mostly put away! The table is clear!

Have all these empty boxes!

About half of the 'stuff' on the table has been put away...the rest is bagged and ready to go on the bulletin boards.

I'm feeling good about where this is all headed!

Hopefully I can get all the cleaning/tidying done tomorrow before DS Shirley, Mom and I head off to the Don Williams concert at the Jubilee Auditorium.

Wednesday is pretty full up with condo board business then Thursday and Friday I need to get the Quilt Shop finished and make the 25 vignette settings for the Children's table at the Show and Sale.


  1. Hi Maureen! What a great feeling getting things organized. I love your bulletin board system and I have tried to adapt it somewhat to the space that I have here in my studio. Not as efficient as yours but it will do for now! :) I use to listen to Don Williams back in the 70's! I loved his style of laid back country and now I shall have to Google him up and refresh my memory of his playlist. He kind of reminds me a bit of Stoppin Tom Connors from back in the day! Enjoy the show, Maureen!


  2. Hi Again Maureen! I just googled up Don Williams and Stompin Tom Connors and I was so off base. They are nothing alike! I must have been thinking that they were similar only because I was liking them both around the same time. They both play an acoustic guitar and are solo artist, and enormously talented but they are nearly polar opposites! I need to give my head a shake...... okay, now I feel better! :D


  3. Hi Elizabeth...
    Whatever works for us in terms of storage is great!!! We all have so much to deal with and have to just figure out to cope with it.

    No, they're not alike...but it's interesting that you should mention Stompin' Tom...He also was one of my favourites!
    Hugs, Maureen