Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Personal view of the Show and Sale

TIP: This is a tip from Nutshell News for transporting mini scenes to a show. Put a towel inside the container before you put in the display. First of all, the towel will cushion the display...but, secondly, you can remove the display easily by pulling up on the ends of the towel.

Well, I knew I would not get the quilt shop finished in time for the Show. If it had just been a matter of the round table to display all the Christmas fabrics, I might have been able to do it. BUT there was absolutely NO WAY I would get all the quilting accessories done and on the pegboard in time. (I was particularly disappointed that I didn't at least get to display all those spools of thread that I had worked so hard on.)

So I decided to put up a "Grand Opening October 15" sign! And put shipping boxes in place. Four of the shipping boxes were from our Lori Ann Potts workshop. The box middle front with all the bolts of fabric is a plastic box that I wrapped with double sided carpet tape then covered with pieces of brown paper bag.

Then I printed the Grand Opening October 15 sign on a transparency...

And taped it to the plexiglass on the front of the room!

So those were my two displays for the Show!

On the the Sale portion - and what I bought!

My first purchase was from MEE member Rosalle Pinske's Needleart. Rosalle does the most incredible mini crochet work. This frilled doily is a miniature of some that my mother had in our home when I was growing up so HAD to have it. 

Hardly the same but I knew it would be perfect in the Victorian era parlour!


From Linda A. who is downsizing:

I got this great counter for the Christmas shop

 This wonderful black leather chair - don't know where this will end up but it's just SO GREAT - and was only $2.00

 This was my most expensive acquisition of the day at $15.00. These will go in my Vern's Attic. I had hoped to find Vern's original  so I could take a picture of them together so you could see how perfect they are.

Incredible fruit tray!

Some great electricals for a great price from Bonnie's Estate!

 Sher McGirr of Sher My Miniatures sells the most incredible grab boxes! I got all of this from her for only $10.00!
Three gift boxes, box of books, wooden book block, medical printies, comics, packing box, calendar

Three dandelions, wooden tree, box of cigars, parasol and handang, telephone, sewing machine, cushion.
 Connie Stitt, one of our dealers,  gifted me with this wonderful box. It will be a scene for a "Teddy Bears' Picnic"

I'll try to get all the pictures from the SHOW side up tomorrow.

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  1. Lovely purchases. The little Ugg boots are great.