Saturday, September 7, 2013

Finishing the back wall cabinets

Now I want a counter high section between the two shelving units with a pegboard for notions above it.

I have to apologize here as I was so anxious to get this made I didn't take pictures.

I cut a piece of matboard 5 5/32" x 3". On the top of that at a right angle, I glued a piece of 3/32" x 1 3/4" x 5 5/32" basswood. On each side, I glued a 3" x 1 1/2" piece of 3/32" basswood.. I glued a 5" piece across the bottom (between the sides) then positioned  two shelves between the side walls - the top 1/2" down and the second 1 7/16" down.

Then the same painting sequence: 1 coat of white acrylic, sand with brown paper bag; another coat of white acrylic sanded with brown paper bag, then a coat of varnish.

The pegboard that goes above the counter needs to have a wooden frame behind it so the "pegs" have a place to fit. This actually could have been as thin as coffee stirrers but since I took some 3/16" square strip wood to Leanne and Rob's, that's what I used.

I cut the 'pegboard' to 5 3/32" x 4". Since I'm going to be adding the wooden frame to the back, I have to sand down the extrusions from the push pins to level off the back of the matboard where the frame will go. A few passes with an emory board will take care of that.

I made the back frame with my hand held mitre cutter but since it's on the back of the 'pegboard' you  could just use butt joints. I glued the molding on the back holding it in place with binder clips.
 All in place.
 And here the edges of the frame have been painted white

The pegboard in place over the counter. 

Now I have to fill the pegboard!!!

Build the magazine/book rack and make the round fabric table that will display the Christmas fabrics.

What the heck! Still have a week before the Show and Sale!


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