Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Couple of fun things

Further to our fun outing to Erika and Jim's on Monday, found a couple of things today for Erika.

First, several of us had commented on an open boxcar door and suggested that the boxcar needed a sleeping bag in it. So I made a sleeping bag for it. I took one picture of the material I was using, then got busy and finished it without taking more pictures. Sorry about that! Great fun!

In my files, I had some (roughly) 30 year old newspaper clipping about Lorna Naves' dollhouses and their contents so dug them out today. One included a picture of Lorna and her husband with the house that Erika now owns.

So I scanned it and gave a print of it to Erika to become part of the provenance of the house. 

There were some other newspaper articles about Lorna's work that I lent to Erika so she could learn more about Lorna's work. (She didn't know Lorna - nor did I - but Jim knows Lorna's son through the railroad group and found the house through him.)


  1. Hi Maureen! What a lovely and considerate thing to do! It is always more special when documentation of items can be included and the newspaper article will make the house even more endearing because now has a traceable history. You are a wonderful lady to have made the effort to secure this information and then to pass it on.


    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      Maybe I can use this to justify my saving things in response to DD Leanne who insists that I'm a hoarder LOL. But I must admit that I was thrilled that I had not destroyed that clipping in the recent file clean-out (not knowing at the time that Erika now owned the house).
      It reminds me that we all should be keeping envelopes taped either to the backs or bottoms of our projects containing receipts, building diaries, and any other pertinent information.
      It's a huge job if you're starting from scratch but if you keep a spread sheet of your purchases that helps.
      Maybe we'll discuss that at a later date.
      Thanks, Maureen