Saturday, September 21, 2013

Blithery-Blathery Out of My Mind......

(From the children's book Bonnie McSmithers, You're Driving Me Dithers).

Aside from the fact that RL has attacked me from several sides, this computer is driving me nuts!

Almost every single action I take, I get the message not responding so everything is taking up to 10 times as long as usual.

Thursday it took over six hours to catch up on my e-mail and clean out my inbox. Then I finally managed to get my folding work table in the living room cleared and put away.

Got most everything put away to the point where it was a week and a half ago THEN today went off on a different tangent.

For years I have collected e-mail forwards, cartoons, quotations, etc., and put them together in a book that I give to family and friends each Christmas.

In the last years of his life, I collected these things to take over to my Dad to brighten his day. At one point, as yet another of the pages went on their fridge, Mom suggested that I put them together in a book.

With that, "The Book" was born. Originally, I only made enough copies for my parents, my three sisters and our two children. Over the years, the list of recipients has changed a bit. I usually make a couple extra copies for friends and neighbours who go through rough times through the year.

Family tradition is now that my Mom and sisters read it either Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day evening after all the hoopla is over.

My DS Marie is coming out again next weekend so I wanted to get it put together before her arrival so she can take her and Carol's copies home with her (and save the postage).

This year's book is only 100 pages (last year's was 150) but it still contains some gems.

Two stacks of pages for this year's book along with a copy of last year's book.

Busy collating the 15 books I'm doing this year. (If you're counting, the other four sets of pages are on the counter behind the table. LOL)


  1. What a great idea and what a considerate gift Maureen! You are always thinking of others!


    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. It has given all of us a lot of pleasure over the years.
      Hugs, Maureen