Thursday, September 5, 2013

Actually accomplished something mini...Quilt Shop

RL has majorly interrupted my mini life over the past week - and I still haven't begun to reload my workshop from the dining and living rooms. The Condo AGM was last night so, aside from some issues I have to deal with from that, I can breathe easy on that score. A few things left to deal with before the Show and Sale and then I can (sort of) relax about that also.

Believe me, I WILL actually get the pictures and instructions for the quilt shop cupboards done one of these days.  Any of you who have ever had to write a tutorial or lead a class for your miniature group know that it is not an easy-peasy thing to do. (If I remember correctly, I took 49 pictures and tried to make note of all the measurements while I was building the cupboards.) I suspect the tutorial/explanation will take at least 4 or 5 hours to write.

So surely you will understand why bloggers ask that you provide links and credits when referring to their tutorials.

But that aside, I did some work on the Quilt Shop today.

I love making the items to go in a roombox....but I do not like making the roombox....or decorating the outside of it.

So. sometimes, I just ignore the outside of the roombox.

With the quilt shop, I thought it might be a good idea to finish the outside of the box with fabric that suggested quilts.

I had some small pieces of fabric in my stash that were along the idea of what I wanted:

None of these was exactly what I wanted (too busy, too loud, would detract from the room itself) except possibly the one on the lower right. In any event, I only had these very small pieces that dear friends had given me when they knew I was going to be doing the room. Friend Pamela also checked her stash and came up dry.

So this afternoon, I walked over to Quiltessentials, the quilt shop that is just up the road from me. The staff has always been so helpful to me in the past so I knew this was a great place to go. Just as I walked in the door, I spotted a piece of fabric that I thought might meet my needs. But as I saw it, Jane appeared and asked if she could help me. I explained what I was looking for and why. After I told her, "I'll know what I'm looking for when I see it", she made several suggestions then went on to help another customer.

After that customer had been taken care of, Jane came back to me and looked after my purchase of the .4 metres of red pinwheel fabric that I had chosen.

I paid my measly $6.00+ and prepared to leave. THEN...

Jane had only ever seen pictures of 1:12 miniatures but she at least had some idea of what I was looking for. (I had explained that sometimes fabric was used for wallpaper)...and she was also thinking draperies and upholstery. She showed me packs of 5" sq. silks, bolts of silk/cotton blends, fabrics that could be used for wallpaper. She had an wonderful sense of scale!

I don't know if I'll ever buy them but I found some incredible pieces of fabric that could have miniature uses.

If you have a shop like Quiltessentials in your life/neighbourhood, you are indeed fortunate.

In any event,  I used the red pinwheel pattern I bought there to cover the outside of the quilt shop.

Thank you, Jane.


  1. I will pass this on to Jane and she will be so happy that she helped with ideas! We are glad our quilt store makes you and others happy!
    Ingrid - Quiltessential Co. Inc.

  2. I love the fabric that you have chosen Maureen. It looks perfect and is a great start towards your Quilt shop project! Also this just proves how essential Good Customer Service is to all concerned. Your Great Experience there will be such a valuable recommendation to others that you pass this information to. Glad to know that there are Qualified people in retail that know how to service their clients Well!


    1. Thanks Elizabeth. I was SO pleased to hear that a club member discovered Quiltessentials through my blog.

    2. Thanks Elizabeth. I was SO pleased to hear that a club member discovered Quiltessentials through my blog.

    3. Thanks Elizabeth. I was SO pleased to hear that a club member discovered Quiltessentials through my blog.