Thursday, August 22, 2013

Where do you draw the line?

Putting aside the small amount of undealt-with paperwork, I decided to tackle the work room.

I moved the three current projects to the dining room table and all the boxes of bits and pieces that need to be put away properly to the long folding table in the living room.

Then I'm thinking this will be quick, just move out the two small work tables, vacuum, then move things back in. HA!

In one corner, I have a 6' stack of boxes that I'm thinking I can mostly get rid of...and moving them frees up some shelving that I can move packs of computer/copy paper I empty my box of paper from under another table to the shelving. At the bottom of the boxes was a box of out-dated files that needed to be shredded.

Emptying the box of paper freed up a box that I could use to store the hard styrofoam pieces that were in a bag...but then I had to find a place to store that. The top of one of the closets would be great for that except it already stores a big Santa face that we used to hang from the condo entry door (and have replaced with something else) and two construction paper posters that had been decorations at  my retirement party.

So I took a page from DS Marie's life and took pictures of the posters for posterity (kept the SGS lanyard) then put the posters in the garbage.

Then that uncovers even more hard Styrofoam - then I'm thinking why am I keeping any of this? If I want to make anything with that type of wall I would prefer to use builders there is another bag of garbage...which will free up a bit more space.

Of course I've done these big clean outs before and then needed everything within a couple weeks but I'll take the chance...once again.


  1. Hi Maureen! hahahaha Having just done a major purge in my garage this past July, I can totally relate to what you were experiencing. It is so difficult to relinquish mementos, but taking the photos of them is a great solution! My garage clean out unearthed some mini treasures that I thought I had lost and that became the big pay-off for me, but even more so, just lightening up and freeing up space that had been clogged with inert junk year after year, was liberating to the Max! The trick now is to keep it that way, wouldn't you agree?


    1. Not quite there yet. Was on this great roll then DD Leanne reminded me that I'm pet-sitting for them today till Wednesday. Oh, well, it'll keep till I get back - unfortunately.

      Upside is that I'm taking my computer hard drive over so Robert can hopefully figure out why it's so gosh darn slow - and fix whatever ails it. Crossed fingers.