Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wall hanging, mini pegboard

On thing I like about summer is that since there are no miniature club meetings I can attend craft night in the condo. Not as many people show up in the summer, but it's nice to spend the hour visiting and seeing what everyone is working on.

I always try to find some small project that I can take along.

Last week, I took a printed panel (mini, of course) and started outlining the image of the cat with black thread. Didn't get much  done as you can see....

A couple nights later, I decided to give the wool some dimension so I went over it with a red embossing glaze pen  (two coats - one to seal the fabric, then a second for some dimension). Still wasn't terribly pleased with the effect so went over it again with Inkssentials Glossy accents. (Did the same with the rug.) I do like the effect but it might have been better to use the puff paint I got in Montana for this.

Still have to finish the quilting and put a border and hanging loops on it.

I spent some time this afternoon trying to decide how to do the back wall shelving for the quilt shop. It just wasn't coming together in my mind so I decided that tonight's project would be the pegboard that I know I want to go in the middle of the back wall between shelves of fabric bolts.

Because the rest of the back wall is still undecided, the final size of the pegboard is yet to be determined so I decided to make a piece that I can cut to size later.

Mini Pegboard

Supplies (for this part of the project):
piece of matboard
graph paper (see below)
scotch tape
push pin
computer mouse pad
hard surface (I used a clipboard)

The graph paper for this project was printed from an online source. For this particular project, I chose Squares: Dots: 5 dots per inch: Black; downloaded and printed it.

(I love this site! You can print any style and size of graph paper that you choose. You can print your own graph paper to plan room/furniture placement. You can also choose a design that will work for vinyl flooring and print it on photo paper. SO many possibilities!)

This flooring in the bathroom of the Bombay house was made from a graph from Incompetech printed on photo paper.

Cut your piece of matboard to the size you want your pegboard to be.
 Tape the graph paper to the side of the matboard that you want to be the side facing you. For this project I want to the pegboard to be white so that's the side I used. For my Christmas Shop, I used the coloured side of the matboard.
 Put the graph paper/matboard over a computer mouse pad on a hard surface. Using the graph paper as a guide, use the push-pin to put a hole through the matboard.
If you look above the pushpin, you can see where I've punched two rows of 6 holes each.

Just keep making the holes....
And when you're finished, strip off the graph paper and you're left with your basic pegboard.

Because I haven't yet decided the exact size I'll need for this particular pegboard, I've stopped here.

BUT, when I do decide on the size, I'll cut it to size then  there needs to be some very thin, narrow trim put along the back to keep it away from the wall so items can be attached to the pegboard.

We'll deal with that later. In the meantime, here's what I did with the Christmas Shop.

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