Monday, August 12, 2013

Mini potato chips, wallpaper for music room, some RL eye candy

Made myself a stir fry the other day and made some mini potato chips as a by-product. An oldie but goodie!

When you're using a bell pepper, save the seeds and dry them for mini potato chips:

If you want BBQ chips, sprinkle the pepper seeds with paprika before you dry them.

I forgot to show you the wonderful paint chips I got when Leanne and I were in Montana. They're from Glidden and they're 3 1/4" x 5". I just grabbed a bunch of them with no particular goal in mind. They can be cut into small squares and used for tiles. They are also wonderful to mat pictures.

Some incredible RL eye candy! DS Marie's BIL, Gary, and his lovely wife, Lorraine, held an "Open Garden" this afternoon and Joanne and I took the tour. I had only seen pictures of it before and they certainly don't do it justice. Don't know if this link to Lorraine's FB page will work but if it does, you'll be able to see even better pictures.

How I would love to see this done im miniature!

On our way back from Gary and Lorraine's, we stopped at Michael's and I picked up some scrapbooking paper as possible wallpaper for the music room - and on sale at 25 cents each!!!

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  1. Love the tip about the seeds from peppers! How easy is that! Good score on the paint chips and scrapbooking paper...I confess to raiding the discount bin at our local craft store too!