Thursday, August 15, 2013

Making It Real....

I'm not one for putting dolls in my dollhouses or roomboxes but I do like the effect of someone's having just left the room: the unfinished cup of tea or partially-eaten sandwich, an unmade bed, clothes scattered about a room.....anything that lends life to a scene. (Personally, I don't do it well but I REALLY appreciate it! LOL)

Since I started this blog, I've often referred to the online Yahoo group The Camp. Almost 1800 miniaturists (including some of the top artisans in miniatures) from around the world belong to this group and share their experiences, tips and hints.

One of the women I have been thrilled to  'meet' through this group is Lori Kagan-Moore who is the owner/curator of the Great American Dollhouse Museum in Danville, Kentucky. As you visit the website, you can feel Lori's enthusiasm for miniatures and her desire to share and educate.

Recently, Lori posted this comment on The Camp in regard to decorating a WWII period living room (used with her permission):

Sometimes it's the unexpected or out of place item that draws the eye and tells the story. What if the framed photograph of the soldier is lying on the sofa, instead of in its place on the mantle? Someone who is not in the living room has been holding it to look at. Want to go more dramatic? Take a tiny snippet of thin white fabric, dunk it in some glue water, wring it out and let it dry for a wet and wrung out handkerchief, to go on the sofa near the photograph. Says it all. No doll needed. 

Lori Kagan-Moore
The Great American Dollhouse Museum 

Isn't that just an incredibly visual portrait!?! Those two little touches just say everything.

Perhaps Lori's comments can open your mind to that special touch that brings the scene alive. I know that I'm hoping that I can learn from her.


  1. I agree. Many of my friends have commented to me about purchasing a doll for the house. I have decided against having any dolls in my house.I think the items I purchase are a bunch of small memories of my childhood, or my grandparents or friends. I recently purchased a set from eBay that was a making marmalade set. It reminded me of my Mum and Grandmar endless days of making jam. If there were to be occupants in my dollhouse. I guess they would be them. I do however really want to have a dog in the house. One that would remind me of one of the dogs I used to have. IndyPoppy

    1. I am not anti/doll. Sometimes you find the exact, perfect person who is just RIGHT for a room/scene! But those are SO incredibly hard to find.

      But sometimes you find a cat or dog that just makes a scene come alive...and you go with that.

      If I dare say it, I am not especially a cat person (much prefer dogs) but sometimes a cat (playing with ornaments on a Christmas tree or simply curled up in a basket or on a couch) is THE perfect touch in a scene.


  2. Hi Maureen,Great idea with the photo and the string/ crumpled hanky! I am not a fan of doll's in my dollhouse with the exception of children. I have been collecting children dolls for a special project which I hope to resume one day. Otherwise, I like my houses empty of dolls but alive with their personalities.


    1. What a wonderful way to put it, Elizabeth... "alive with their personalities". I think that's what we all strive for in our scenes - with or without dolls - the personalities of those who live there.