Thursday, August 1, 2013

House of Miniatures furniture kits

One of the delights of my miniature life has been the House of Miniature kits. I've probably made up about 50 of them over the years.
Two of the bed kits

One of the table kits: As one large table; a rectangular table and a circular table; or you can use the semi-circular tables separately.
I still have a few left that I have yet to put together.

I wasn't very active in miniatures when these were originally available so I've bought all of mine in the after-market. If you're lucky, you may find some of these kits for sale at a miniature show. They also show up on e-bay regularly.

There is an incredible website that not only lists all the HOM kits but has .pdf copies of the instructions for many of them. There is also a section of tips on building them.


  1. I just did a whole bunch of HOM kits too and am currently painting them. They are incredibly easy and give such professional results. Love them!

  2. The extension table is great. I can imagine a giant banquet set up on it, it would be marvellous.