Sunday, August 25, 2013

Change of pace...

As I mentioned to Elizabeth yesterday, I got all of that 'stuff' moved out of the workroom so I could begin to sort through it and put it back in an orderly, proper manner when DD Leanne phoned and reminded me that I was rabbit-sitting for her and Robert while they went off for a short trip. (Knew it was this weekend but somehow my head was telling me next weekend.)

Hate it in one way because I don't like to be interrupted when I'm on a cleaning roll as it doesn't happen too often.

On the other hand, our Show and Sale is just three weeks from today and I don't have a single new display for the show whereas usually I have three or four.

So I packed up the quilt shop room box, its contents and a pile of wood and plan on making the shelving for the back wall. If I can get that done, painted and installed, the whole project should be completed in time for the show.

All I have to do is ignore the big screen TV with a kazillion satellite stations AND Netflix...VBG

I brought my camera but forgot the cord for it so any pictures will have to wait until after I get home - and possibly after that as Robert still hasn't been able to find all the problems that were slowing my computer down so much and will need to spend more time on it on Wednesday. I'm just hoping that he'll be able to fix it before he goes back to work (out of town) on Thursday.

I spend quite a while this morning sketching out my ideas for the back shelving.

I want the shelving in three sections: two identical sections on either side and a counter with peg board above it in the middle.

Since I'm just slightly over 5', the bane of my existence in so many stores/shops is not being able to reach things easily. So I don't want these units to be any taller than 7' at most.

Each side unit will have two upper shelves that will hold bolts of fabric and a lower, slightly deeper portion that haven't quite decided yet.
(1) closed in cupboard with faux doors
(2) double shelf (open) with things like batting, pillow forms...
or perhaps a combination of the two.

Since the fabric bolts are 2" x 7/8" x 3/8 to 1/4", the upper shelves will be 2 1/4" apart and 1" deep and I think the bottom section about 2 1/2" h and 1 1/2" deep.

The middle section will have a counter for thread, etc., so the counter will be about 3" high with a 4" h x 5" w piece of pegboard above it.

Maybe I'll put the open double shelf below this and put the faux cupboards at the bottom of the side units.

The room is just over 15" wide across the back so I think I'll plan on each unit being about 5" wide. This will be me roughly 20" of shelf space for fabric bolts. Since I have about 24" of fabric bolts made, this will leave me with extras (aside from the ones already on the cutting table) to work with.

I'm thinking maybe pulling out all the bolts with a Christmas pattern and have a separate round table display of those.

Hope this makes some sort of sense to you. It's clarifying what I want to do in my mind so guess I better get out the wood and get started.

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