Monday, July 22, 2013

Some ideas for the music room...see what you think...

First of all, I got thinking that the modern love seat and chair (bottom of page) that I bought in Bowmanville from Janet Harvey of Maggie Melinda Miniatures is what I want to use in this room..

My next thought was to go with this carpet. I tried to go with the wallpaper that is already on the bay window wall and thought I could match it with this linen look matboard. It works but I only have enough to do  one wall. And the linen look real wallpaper that I have has a very small white three petal design on it. But I'm sure a trip to the wallpaper store would solve that problem.

The carpet is actually a deeper/browner tone and looks good with the existing wallpaper.
But you know how much I like striking, modern rooms SO...

I also had a piece of black carpet so I hit the internet and found a couple wallpaper swatches that I cut and pasted and came up with these possibilities:

Black, grey and white wallpaper. Note: The carpet is folded in half and that's why the love seat is is at an angle.

Now, personally, I like this red, white and black wallpaper.
If I go this route, the Phyllis Tucker chandelier is definitely out but I have a lot of modern  brass lamps (and may even have a brass chandelier) that I could use. I'd prefer to have a glossy black grand piano in this setting but that's do-able (not easy, but do-able). (Although I'm open to a swap on this one if the postage isn't too great.)

I have a couple other pieces that I think I can make work in this room: (Think of them in glossy black)

Samm and Gerry Brockhurst gave me this wonderful cabinet that goes so well with the Janet Harvey furniture. I bought the table with the drum and other instruments at a MEE garage sale. I'm pretty sure it was made by former member, Gilbert Funk, although it isn't signed. I'm thinking that perhaps I could fill the cabinet with those and other small percussion musical instruments and perhaps lay the guitar on top of the cabinet. Then I could put the love seat and chair at right angles with that table in the corner.

The other issue is the wallpaper: the walls are 11 1/2" tall and my printer only takes 8 1/2" x 11 paper. BUT I could design it on 11" x 17" paper, save it to disk and have it printed at Staples. (Staples saved me once before - there are two separate links there.) If I used crown molding and a wide baseboard, I could make it work with it vertical on the 11" but might be best to work with the 17" side. No matter which, it's certainly easier than trying to make 8 1/2" x 11" work (and probably cheaper in the long run too). Plus Staples will print it on 32 pound paper which works beautifully as wallpaper.

I also found a garden scene that I think might work outside the bay window:

Love the depth this picture has but want to add to it. Maybe some Flower Soft on the flowers and leaves and some gloss paint on the pond area? Might even be able to use the puff paint I bought in Great Falls, MT, to give some dimension to some of the tree trunks. I really want to give some dimension to this.

Looking forward to your feedback.

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