Saturday, July 20, 2013

Not ANOTHER Project?!!!?

Oh! (Expletive - your choice!) VBG

One of my great purchases at the Estate Sale was the bare bones Brooke Tucker "Things My Teacher Taught Me".

This will need a lot of work but I know what it will be...eventually...

Remember, I bought that beautiful small chord organ by Penny Spencer at the Estate Sale and put it in the Victorian Parlour to replace the grand piano so I could put my Victorian lady by Judy Mitchell in the parlour. (BTW, Judy was over the other day and loved what I had done with the doll!)

Of course, that left me with the grand piano...

So I decided to turn the Brooke Tucker room into a music room eventually...

I've tentatively put some Victorian furniture in there (not going to work) the piano, a music stand, saxaphone, guitar, flute, (have to make stands for the sax and guitar), have a clarinet somewhere.

I don't have wallpaper to match the existing wall so that will either have to be redone or the walls will have to be painted to match.

Want to do a really great garden view through the bay window...using a paper tole effect.

This would be a wonderful room for my Phyllis Tucker chandelier!!

It will be very interesting to see how the original thought transitions into the completed project....


  1. Hi Maureen! Your ideas are 'a churnin' and I can see that this is going to be a really great project! I think that the grand piano fits quite nicely in the corner and the color of the wood looks great with the walls, so it seems that you are off to a real good start! Have fun!


  2. The narrative style of your blog cracks me up Maureen! When you say Darn! I meant to do this but this other intriguing project caught my attention instead...I think we can all relate to that :)