Wednesday, July 24, 2013


HOPE that I'm now on a roll!

Just a bit of work done on the music room...Took the picture that will go outside the bay window to Stitch and Bitch last night and tried to give it some dimension with puff paint and fine foam.

The original picture

With puff paint accenting most of the flowers and fine floral foam accenting some of the leaves on the trees. (And Glossy Accents embossing liquid on the water in the picture.)

Tentatively behind the window.
Still may want to do paper tole with a couple of the trees in the picture...

Backstory here: In my vast supply of paints I had one bottle of puff paint that I picked up at a garage sale a gazillion years ago. Occasionally thought I might like more but the stuff is expensive and didn't really need it for anything. So when Leanne and I were in Great Falls, MT, on the long weekend, I spotted 10 packs of puff paint in various colours and put one in the shopping cart then put it back on the shelf. THEN I spotted a pack of 20 colours for $14.99 and put that in the shopping cart. Took it out of the cart, put in back on the shelf (TWICE), then Leanne took it off the shelf and threw it in the cart saying, "I don't want to hear you b*tch all the way home that you wish you had bought it."

Love my girl! She knows me SO well.

Oh, my goodness! I ended up with about 150 film canisters! Problem is - hardly any of them have lids. So I sorted through them all and hope that the child care will be able to use the ones without lids and I can save the rest and pass them on to dealers at our show in September.

So that was yesterday!

This morning I suddenly remembered that I had told one of the women who has coffee with us on Wednesdays that I would have her in after coffee to see my miniatures. MAJOR CLEAN UP TIME!!!

I whip through this place and I get SO ANGRY with myself because when I put my mind to it, I CAN clean and make it look good.

As it turned out, that visit didn't happen but I was in the groove!

So I finished cutting up all the 10 sheets of foam core to make the 20 vignette settings for Sunni to use at the Kids' Table at the Show and Sale in September. We're having a Mini Day Out on Saturday and that will be a good time to put them all together.

THEN inspired by my DS Marie who did this last week, I tackled all my all out-dated personal files:

This cabinet was so crammed that  I couldn't even fit one sheet of paper in it.

The first of what I'm sure will be mmmmmmm bags of shredded paper that I'll be getting rid of.

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  1. Smart idea-Film canisters make excellent packing containers for miniatures to prevent them getting damaged in transport-I've done this a lot