Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Great day!

When I did the craft giveaway at Stitch and Bitch two weeks ago, neighbour Jean took a lot of the beads and sequins for two young family members. I've seen pictures of some of the great crafts they've done so was glad the supplies were going to a good home. They were visiting her today and she brought them down to see my miniatures. They were so excited and enthusiastic about what they saw and it was a real joy to visit with them. I gave them each a miniature book and an ice cream sundae. Also gave them a copy of my Kitchen Trash to Treasure book.

Jean called after they left and passed on some of their comments and enthusiasm after they left here. We made tentative plans to come up with a project for them to do next time they're in town. Unfortunately, they may be in France during the September Show and Sale so might not be able to come and make the project at the Children's Table - or buy any of the grab bags.

Mom, DS Marie and her daughter Stephanie, DS Shirley, DD Leanne, and Joanne came over tonight for dinner....a Ladies' Night Out. Had an absolutely wonderful visit!

Marie always says "We didn't invent laughter but we certainly perfected it!" And that is SO true! And Joanne was a perfect fit!

I'm the only miniaturist in the family but I get such incredible support from everyone else. So it was not unusual that Marie and Shirley brought me a couple things they had found at garage sales:

Shirley brought me the Lemax Christmas tree. Love these - with a bit of bashing, they're great! I've probably used 30 of them over the years. Marie found me this small box of Lite Brite pegs. (I know L-B pegs come in several shapes but this is a shape I've not had before.)

I don't recall just 'why' this tradition started but I do remember it started a year or two before Dad died. Whenever the sisters get together, we have after-dinner black licorice cigars.

Mom (90 next month), me, Shirley, Stephanie and Marie


  1. Hello Maureen ! It is so nice when you can inspire others and introduce them to what you do as a hobby. Young people have so much energy and enthusiasm and they often re-charge our batteries just because of their fresh eyes on the hobby! Your little hen party looks like IT was fun too, and it is always helpful when others are "scouting about" on your behalf. That is like having Christmas or birthdays scattered through- out the year!


  2. Those lite bright plugs will come in handy. The tree is cute. Nice gifts.