Friday, July 26, 2013

Continuing the Cleaning and Mini Day Out Tomorrow...

Aside from the fact that I STILL cannot find the charger for my tablet, the cleaning/organization is going well.

We're having a small Mini Day Out tomorrow - only invited club members and, of course, many are away - but it looks like we'll have a good group.

ONE of the reasons I get myself into this mess with cleaning/organizing is that when I have people over (such as second Tuesday and/or Mini Day Out), I tend to "clean" by shoving everything into boxes and "hide" the mess.

So for tomorrow, I am NOT doing that. I'm just leaving everything out and sorted so I don't have to start again on Sunday. Plus, everyone who is coming has seen my minis already so it's unlikely that we'll be in my place.

DS Marie is arriving Monday for a four day visit so really want to have the cleanup done by the time she arrives. She called me last week and asked: "Who just finished cleaning her office and spare room so she can keep all the doors in her house open when company comes?" 

Can't let her one-up me like that. LOL

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