Sunday, July 14, 2013

Check this out...

I've had this wooden yard/metre stick for years....

Before we met for the Second Tuesday to make the vignette settings, I was measuring off the pieces of foamcore to get people started on making the vignette settings.

I measured in the 10 inches from the edge: then, because my aluminum carpenter's square was only 24" long, thought I would use my wooden yardstick. None of my measurements matched.!

So I put my yardstick on my kitchen counter...

The kitchen counter is FLAT!

The yardstick is SO  out of level!!!

I wish I could show you  but my camera won't show it properly!

It's weird! If I put the yardstick one way it curves SO much that there is a 1/8" gap in the middle. If I put it on the other side, it's level for about 24" then it curves up about 1/16".

Just FYI

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