Monday, June 3, 2013

My "Get Up and Go" Got up and went

Shoot, I started to write this last Thursday and am just getting around to finishing it tonight....

I just don't seem to be able to do anything these days except read...and, Oh, my, goodness, I've been doing a lot of least a book a day...And a lot of RL has been attacking me lately...nothing bad but just busy with miniature club business and condo business.

So I don't know just when I'll get enthusiastic about minis again...

In the meantime, I've had some great things happening in my life:

My `baby`sister, Marie, just had her 60th birthday! We celebrated it with family in the social room of our condo.

Me, Marie, Mom, Shirley and Carol

This is a great part of our 60th birthday celebration! DS Carol donated the pig bank when I celebrated my 60th birthday. Each sister puts in 60 loonies ($1 coins) so the birthday girl receives $180 to spend for something special. (My $180 went toward my first trip to Nova Scotia!)

That was Saturday (May 25)...

On Sunday ,I went with four other members of MEE (Miniature Enthusiasts of Edmonton) to check out the miniature estate of Bonnie Maio. Bonnie was a member of MEE for many years and throughout several of those years, taught many workshops.

MEE will be co-ordinating the sale of Boni`s miniatures on Saturday, June 22, from 9 am to 5 am.  I`ll give the location later...but there will be NO early sales.

I`ll tempt you tomorrow with some of the incredible things that will be available at the sale...(Although I wrote tomorrow at the time, I really will be posting the information on the sale tomorrow, June 4.)

Yesterday (May 29):

My friend, Sue, came up from Calgary to see the Princess Diana display. She went straight to West Edmonton Mall to see it then spent the night at my place. We had a wonderful visit that lasted well into the night.

We got talking about my being stalled on my Christmas Shop project (and all the others but this is the longest stall) so we dragged it out and discussed possible solutions to get going on it again.

Sue actually gave me some good ideas so I may get working on this one again. (Think I have enough to stock it?) Fortunately Barb upstairs is also planning a Christmas shop so I know where I can send any leftovers. VBG

Sue also brought up a box and bag of extras from her stash for me to share with the club here which was very generous of her.

Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Cheryl. I know I owe several of you e-mails and I promise I will try to get replies off to you in the next day or two.


  1. Hi Maureen! I have been looking forward to news from you! I know the feeling of being stalled on a mini project and I believe that it happens to most of us from time to time! I can well appreciate that sometimes you just have to take a break from one obsession to indulge in another. Being an avid reader myself, I know that when I start a good book, everything else falls by the wayside! When the time comes to begin your minis again, you will know. Meanwhile enjoy the break and happy birthday to your sister and good health and happiness to you all!


    1. Thanks so much Elizabeth. I really appreciate the thoughts and understanding.
      Big hugs, Maureen