Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More on the Estate Sale

Oh, my goodness, I wish you could have been with us today to see all the goodies that await those of you who will be able to come to this sale....

It took three of us a total of 20 hours to organize, sort and price just three of the 8  foot  tables of items available for sale.

About 4 sq. ft. of landscaping materials and accessories; about 2 cubic feet of Hallmark collectible ornaments; miniature accessories for various holidays; and 12 sq. ft (so far) of all manner of supplies: wood, beads, sequins, gold foil for gilding; one entire 8' x 2' of roomboxes and display/storage containers.

Almost all miniatures will be sold at 1/4 to 1/2 their original prices. Bespaq and Artisan pieces will be sold at appropriate prices.

That was last week....

We've spent even more time organizing and pricing this sale and we just keep finding more and more wonderful things. I finally remembered to take pictures of the handcrafted Polish dolls that I think are so wonderful.

As just one example, I thought I had a really good selection of no-hole beads from Dollarama. Bonnie had 28 packages of them! Mine pale by comparison. One of our members came up with the great idea of filling muffin tins with beads, buttons and findings and giving you the chance to fill a ziploc bag with your selection.

A lot of collectibles that are not necessarily to scale - although some are 1:6 (Barbie) scale.

Just SO much that I cannot begin to tell you about....


Even if you have a relatively knowledgeable team such as we are, a WHOLE pile of your items are going to disappear through the cracks unless you identify them as being valuable. For example, we found a certificate of authenticity for miniature Haida baskets by Danielle Perry. Fortunately I was familiar enough with her work that I could find the baskets. There were innumerable pieces by Sue Ann (Ladybug) Thwaite that Joanne recognized by the work then we looked for signature/identification.

As we were dealing with all this, I was thinking a lot about what would happen to my miniatures at some point. One of the things I mentioned to the other ladies was that at least most of my miniature accessories were already bagged and sorted on my bulletin boards. (Actually up to 26 boards by now...) Most of those pieces were bought at low prices but there are SOME pieces that were more costly so I'm thinking I will go through them and put a red slash across the ziploc bag to identify them as special/artisan/more expensive pieces. (I have several pieces of silver by John Meacham plus some pieces that I made in his classes.  I have a painting by John`s wife, Victoria, and an oil painting by a woman in Yellowknife..)

One thing I SHOULD do is look back through this blog and acknowledge all the work done on the Bombay House - go through it room by room and price work, furniture and,, definitely, the electrification. Because this house will go to Leanne, I don`t always think of this as a priority...but this is THE house that has most of my very special pieces - and all that wonderful lighting!

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